Club and Society

Club And Society

To ensure the all round development of the students spiritually, mentally, physically and socially, clubs and societies are organized. At present, there are eight registered clubs and societies in the college. At the beginning of every term, programs of activities of the clubs are prepared by their executives and published by the coordinator of clubs and society.

Every student in the college is encouraged to be member of fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) and any other one from the following:

  • Press and Debating club
  • JETS/Science club
  • Integrity (EFCC) club
  • French club
  • Drama club
  • Young farmer’s club
  • Home makers club
  • Hausa club


Slogan: Using language to fight academic war.
Aims & Objectives
  • To provide a significant training ground for the development of students communicative abilities.
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice and share their skills development.
  • To help students to understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts.
  • To help the students to acquire effective public speaking capability.


Motto: Technology for self reliance
Aims & Objectives
  • To encourage students to be creative in skill acquisition for the motto says “Technology for self reliance.”
  • To create a new movement of technology in the hearts of its members (students).
  • To make self dependable, potential leaders in our global world.
  • To help members discover/polish their talents.
  • To instill love, peace, unity and progress into their members of the club.
  • To encourage global sharing of ideas.


The purposes of the club are:
  • To provide a plat form for contribution and involvement of Nigerian student and youth in the fight against corruption and related vices.
  • To promote prevention , reduction and exposure of corruption amongst actors in the school community
  • To promote a culture of patriotism, honesty, accountability, morality and responsibility amongst students.
  • To orientate young Nigerians on positive values such as transparency, integrity, patriotism
  • To build into young Nigerians a sense of national responsibility and leadership
  • To raise young Nigerians with high moral ethical standards
  • To educate the young Nigerians on the part they have to play in nations building
  • To equip them with anti-corruption advocacy skills
  • Compliment of EFCC aimed at eradicating corruption in Nigeria.


The purposes of the club are:
  • Speak, read and write some things down in French language.
  • Interact with one another using simple French
  • Communicate with each other.


Aims and objectives of drama in educational and developmental process of an individual:

Drama has been defined as any action of man displayed on a stage for an audience. It is man’s act in which voices and actions are used to interpret a written dialog before an audience. Some of the importance or aims of drama in education are as follows:

Drama is an art of creating or composing, preserving or writing and performing or presenting a play about events in life or society with the aim of educating, entertaining and informing the society through the audience.

Drama aims at breaking the dull routine of life for a while because it is something sensational, out of the ordinary life and also something exciting.

It also aims at making a child to be self confidence which is crucial to every child. The child needs to develop confidence in him and in his relationship with others. Through dramatic activities, children gradually learn to enjoy rather than fear opportunities to stand up and share his ideas, views, opinions, etc. a child through drama is encouraged to reach within himself to express either through words or actions both what he feels and believes. Here, individually is always encouraged, recognized and developed.

Another aim of drama is the desire to be active. Children delight in testing new found physical abilities against challenges from the environment. In drama, a child body becomes a medium through which he creates, becomes aware of the need for discipline control and he attempts to coordinates body, minds and emotions in the expression of ideas, actions and characters.

Drama therefore, offers a way by which children can discover the real world in which they live, they can discover the friendliness of others.


Meaning: Is a voluntary organization introduced By first citizens college to the student of agricultural Science
Motto: “Food For All Nation”
Aims And Objectives
  • To train up student on how to manage farm
  • To acquaint student wit different techniques of farming
  • To make student love agriculture
  • To pass information


A home maker can either be a male or female. Heshe is taught the art and science of home making which include the purchase, preparation and service of good food, the selection and making of clothing, the choice of house furnishings and the care of children.

Aim And Objectives
  • It takes charge of the management and maintenance of the home by using both human and material resources available to meet the needs of every family members
  • It also grooms the young ones for future home keeping
  • It inculcates the young minds to build their homes
  • It also requires a lot of input which includes patience, listening, faithfulness, creativity and hard work.
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